Musicians from all over the world are collaborating in the hopes of creating the next big project that will help them advance in their careers. Although some musicians prefer to work in their own creative space, others see the value in partnering with other creatives. These artists may collaborate for assistance with songwriting, music production, or even just brainstorming new song ideas. In reality, working with song collaborators on projects has become the norm for mainstream and even indie artists.

Ali Ciwanro

Believe it or not, songwriters are among the most in-demand creatives. Today’s most popular artists all have songwriters. Even Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” had songwriters when he was at the top of his game. Recent years have seen an influx of new songwriters into the music industry. Ali Ciwanro, a German native, has already collaborated with several well-known German and American artists and is quickly becoming one of the most promising new songwriters.

Ali Ciwanro has made waves in a variety of musical genres. He has been dubbed a “Top European Songwriter” and has ghostwritten projects for major artists. Ali is a Multi-Gold and Platinum certified songwriter whose work has appeared in major publications such as EarMilk, Los Angeles Weekly, and The Hype Magazine.

Ali Ciwanro’s career as a songwriter has taken off since he signed his first major contract last year. Among his most notable collaborations are J. Cole, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ty Dolla $ign. His writing credits include albums such as “The Off-Season” and “Traumazine,” among many others that went gold and platinum in sales. One of his most recent projects was a remake of The White Stripes iconic hit song “Seven Nation Army.”

In addition to working on some amazing albums, Ali was a part of the Bel-Air production team and helped with song selection for the hit TV show.

Ali Ciwanro recently spoke about Juice WRLD and how he had the opportunity to listen to five unreleased songs by the artist. Juice WRLD was an artist who released several hit songs during his time in the rap industry before passing away in December 2019. According to Ali Ciwanro, it was an honor to be able to hear more great music from Juice WRLD during one of his recent listening sessions. In the words of Ali, “the songs proved once again that Juice WRLD was a great artist with a pure soul”.