Very few artists have the tenacity and continuous drive to turn heads with each and every move they make in the modern entertainment industry of today. Vandes Jackson, although underground, is well on his way to becoming a pioneer for independent creatives just like himself – and his newest track, “Pivot” featuring rap star Rick Ross released under DJ SR’s mixtape Faloos 15 via Livemixtapes, Mymixtapez, and Spinrilla proves it. When speaking on his latest release, the artist explained, “Never take no for an answer. When anybody tells me something I don’t want to hear, I pivot and find another direction, or avenue to get it done. I need to change my legal name to ‘Mr. Getitdone Jackson’ because I don’t think anyone is on this type of wavelength. Not to mention, this is only the beginning. Trust me.”

Vandes Jackson

Upon the release of “Pivot,” the artist sat down with us to discuss his new EPK and the influence that Los Angeles has had on his career thus far.

Statement: “The last year has been totally dedicated to sharpening my skills as a creative, and full business immersion. Understanding the business that I’m in to get ahead is my “cheat code” to success. 100%. I’d even go so far as to say networking would be the thing to bring it all full circle. I have a feature with Rick Ross. I’m not even on the same planet as most people.

I made sure to mention how important relations are and intentionally spoke less about money in my latest EPK because authentic relationships are simply priceless. As long as you surround yourself with organic people, out-hustle the people who pretend to know what you actually know, and pray hard, you’ll be successful. This is only my 3rd year releasing music at this level. The kicker? I get better every month. Wheels up. I can’t wait to share new music with the world. I’d definitely expect a full project in January. It’ll be titled “I Apologize”. I’m going to approach music completely differently in this next album and show the world a different side of me…unapologetically.”

I’ve been in the studio working on tracks for some upcoming collaborations pending for the next year! I hope to have another opportunity to rock SXSW in 2023 and be able to confide in potential management moving forward along this journey. Being independent is beautiful, but not easy.

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