DRAKE has released his new album Certified Lover Boy in the first week of September. Fans were eagerly waiting to get a new album. The artworks in the album were designed by British artist Damien Hirst. It contains 12 Emojis of pregnant women. Fans believed that the pregnant women emojis and the fact it released on Labor Day weekend.  

Still, Drake has not shared his opinion about the reason to call the album Certified Lover Boy. It is most probably down to his popularity as a ladies’ man. The rapper is famous for his love of the opposite sex. Certified Lover Boy can be a Lothario image of Drake.

Mocking Kanye West – 7 AM on Bridal Path

The bombshell album of Drake was announced to be released on the heels of Kanye West which is his 10th studio album, Donda.

Drake appears in Certified Lover Boy by throwing a huge shade on Kanye. It is on the track at 7 am on Bridal Path. He had referenced a rapper as a designer. Just the way Yeezy founder Kanye.

The Glidan T-shirts are having Kanye prints which are most of his merchandise on. Kanye and Drake were feuding for years. Then Drake appeared to insinuate that he had sex with Kim Kardashian who is Kanye’s now-ex.

Drake rapped about sex with a woman on his track named In My Feelings. The name of the woman was Kiki. It is the family name of Kim.

drake and kanye

R Kelly is credited

One of the newest songs of Drake includes TSU. The urban dictionary defines it as “Tear S**t Up,”. But it was not the phrase that Drake was actually meant. 

It was oblivious that TSU in Drake’s lyrics stands for Texas Southern University and the “TSU ladies” could be in reference to the female students at the school.

The fans were not happier about crediting the disgraced singer R.Kelly in the song. One Twitter has contained this message. “R. Kelly, while currently on trial for sexual abuse of countless Black women and girls, is going to be making money off the most anticipated album of the year thanks to Drake giving him a songwriting credit on #CertifiedLoverBoy And that’s why both #CLB and #DONDA are trash.”

Kelly’s credit was included because of the song publishing rights as TSU samples in 1998 singles ‘Half on a Baby’. Drake needs to get legal permission as well as offer songwriting royalties when using samples of Kelly’s songs.

Ayesha Curry on Track Race My Mind

Just after releasing Certified Lover Boys, Ayesha Curry went trending on Twitter. She was the wife of NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife. Her name was included in the track Race My Mind. 

“Post of that pic you sent me, it wasn’t recent enough/How I’m supposed to wife you if you ain’t Ayesha enough” was the line sung by Drake.

A fan has written, “When your name is trending in a good way! (Shout out to Ayesha Curry) It’s our time girls, get those captions ready!!’

There was also comment as “How I’m supposed to wife if you not Ayesha enough. Steph got himself a keeper we already knew.”

Other Pop Stars Credited on Certified Lover Boy

Some pop stars have been credited in Drake’s new album. Justin Timberlake is one of them. Drake has used NSYNC’s version of Christopher Cross’s “Sailing” in his album. That is the reason to credit Justin Timberlake. Paul McCartney ad John Lennon is also credited in the album. They are the co-writers on the opening track, Champagne Poetry, for an interpolation of the Beatles’ Michelle.

Drake is a record-breaker

Drake’s sixth album that contained Champagne Poetry, Fair Trade, and Girls Want Girls broke Apple Music’s one-day song streaming records. He became the service’s most-streamed artist in a day for 2021 because the CLB also broke Apple Music’s all-time album streaming record in a 24-hour period. It is also confirmed that CLB broke Spotify records by been the most-streamed album in a single day.