Geovani Rafael Hanauer, better known as Weerd, is a young underground DJ and producer. He dedicates his body and soul to music. Between inspirations and experiments, he expresses in his songs all the musical influence he had on his journey.

Geovani Rafael Hanauer AKA Weerd

Early years

Since childhood, very curious, he always had an interest in unusual things for his age, thus being self-taught, in 2012 he discovered the FL Studio software where he began to program the first beats, with the passage of time he perfected himself and migrated to Ableton Live.

Weerd Signature Sound – Groove, punchy bass that subtly walks between the melodic and straight without losing class using the full force of its influences in production. The musical sensitivity in DJ performances is impressive, versatile, and tireless.

WEERD and his team have a lot to offer in the music scene.

In WEERD’s Words

Music is not some kind of accessory, quite the contrary, it was everything to me.

Often one of the most interesting things about our electronic world is its dynamics. It’s changing all the time and that means there are always new and interesting things to hear and do, so the picture is very attractive.

After a lot of study and research, I found something that I identify with and I worked hard to get to this moment, my first launch of a new career phase. Blessed comes as the icing on the cake, more than 10 months of working on this song and preparing the release with my team, I’m very happy with the result.

Listen To WEERD: