If the CIA is ever in a pinch for new employees, they could just hit up the Harry Styles fandom. A week after the 28-year-old popstar’s fans correctly predicted the announcement of his third studio album, they’ve done it again — this time concluding that Styles’ next single was on its way. On Monday (March 28), he confirmed their suspicions in an announcement that his upcoming track “As It Was” will be out at midnight BT on April 1.

Styles simply wrote on social media, “As It Was. April 1.” The announcement was accompanied by photos of him from behind, with the star in a sequined, sleeveless red outfit.

When Styles announced his new 13-track record Harry’s House on March 23, it vindicated fans who’d long theorized that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer was behind a mysterious website called YouAreHome.co. The website updated with a new photograph partly concealed by a beige doorframe every day, appearing to relate to a work of art related to Styles’ imminent third album.

Following the album announcement, the website continued to update with photos of abstract art, which fans decided signaled a new single from Styles. As of the “As It Was” news, the You Are Home door opens up to a black and white illustration.

Though no further details about “As It Was” have been shared, fans are pretty sure they already know some of its lyrics. A Twitter account also titled YouAreHome appeared around the same time as the website, posting cryptic tweets that turned out to be traceable to Styles’ new album campaign. With the new single on the way, the account’s more poetic tweets feel like they could be unreleased song lyrics.

“In this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was,” reads one of the tweets. “Whisper to your houseplants, sing to your neighbors,” says another.

One pretty compelling fan theory has still yet to be confirmed, but the Harries like their odds. They recently discovered that a list of coordinates could be found hidden in the coding details of the YouAreHome website, which they believe to be the locations of his next tour.