Underrated Records was created in 2020 by an independent artist named De’Shone Rammell Brown (M3lleo), from Charlotte, North Carolina. After a long wait with his football career, he wanted to figure out how he could feed his daughter, and family so he figured that music/entrepreneurship was something he could pursue. He figured that using his voice could change the world by motivating and inspiring speaking the truth through his music.

Through his pain of grief in his past, losing 4 family members turned his life upside down for the worst. M3lleo didn’t know what else to do in life that took a toll on him. During his college football career that’s when things got strange dropping out of college was a downfall after his mother passed away, being out on the streets, having depression, living a fast life and the wave kept going on and on.

M3lleo knew that music and his voice can save him from putting his thoughts on paper, using his own way of grieving through his music with a thought of people who can relate to what he went through. To this day people are losing close friends and family so, within his spirit, this is how he can express any or everything from his music to speaking to
trillions of people of his own well-doing talent.

M3lleo 1

M3lleo combined his own logo by using his creativity and promoting his own music with the brand symbolizing an unknown talent. The logo is described as “Unsupernatural”. Talent. This is his label, M3lleo wanted to bring something different from the rest of this Charlotte artist. Soon Underrated Records will grow more artists as he starts climbing up to the top.

M3lleo had to find his nitch, knowingly when he didn’t have a pot to piss in coming from the struggles of life until he went through his own struggles. He uses that for his determination, ambition, and dedication to illustrate purposeful supervision.

underrared records

After all the pain and suffering that M3lleo went through, he started to realize life was more important than what he really had after his mother’s passing. He started to humble himself, read more, and then started to make money by achieving getting his side business going with maintenance. It took him 7 years and growth to come up in the making. He started to go back to college and finish his education at Johnson C. Smith University finally getting his bachelor’s degree in science. This was a remarkable way of uplifting his life and moving on to a better start of success in his life.

He started to go back and find himself again and continue his path of greatness from here on out.

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