Rising artist Neon Nash steps into the game with a stunning new cover of a pop classic “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. The Neon Nash version of a ‘Genie in a Bottle’ yields massive energy that causes an instant adrenaline rush. It’s a pure hit. This neon star with tremendous talent amalgamates hip-hop and dark pop and crafts a vibrant piece that relates to so many out there.

The music video starts with bold, vintage, and aesthetically pleasing visuals integrated with a neon touch.
Powerful lyrics with in-depth meaning initiate that villain energy that everybody has kept inside, terrified to let go.
The lyrics hold ample power that listeners can’t help but move to. The chorus syncs with the visual shots so vividly that it descriptively conveys the dark theme. A theme contains the monsters trapped in oneself, ready to unleash. Provoking, but with a price.

Rich vocals, powerful visuals, and feisty sounds exhibit an enormously undeniable influence. And with relatable lyrics bristling with a sense of vulnerability (if you dive into depth), the listener has instantly swept away. This song emits the dark and badass energy that empowers someone to take charge of themselves and erupts into their new and powerful being.

“Demon In A Bottle” Music Video: