The world’s two largest music management organizations – Warner Records and Universal Music Group, have recently expressed a vested interest in contractually onboarding Oregon rapper and artist NORD as a ghostwriter.

The influential musician, born and raised in the surrounding area of Portland, has previously collaborated with woman-empowering Pop and R&B musicians such as Rebecca Black, Addison Rae, and Ice Spice.

While these renowned music industry collaborators are contractually bound to controlling record labels, which ultimately decide the creative direction of the artists and their craft, Carter Davis (NORD’s birth name) is a completely independent personality who is not contractually bound in any sense of the music in which he frequently and diligently works on.

Oregon Rapper NORD

In fact, the youthful talent expressed his dissatisfaction with large corporations who control the music industry in his debut single which he released late 2021, and now sits at nearly one-million unique listens on Spotify alone.

NORD has proven to the public that he’s here to stay as an influential and consistently progressing personality in the competitive space of music composition, even without a manager or controlling organization to which he would otherwise be contractually bound to. Even so, with the responsibilities of music composition, publishing, and marketing on his back with no additional assistance, the talent-proven Oregon musician has secured many attributing credits in some of the current generation’s highest-charting hits.

TikTok star and media personality turned musician, Addison Rae, released her debut single ‘Obsessed’ to receive the support of over one-hundred-million listeners shortly afterward. The Pop and R&B blended record even made a notable placement on the USA Billboard Hot 100 Chart the week following official release.

A large part of this smash-hit’s success is thanks to NORD (Carter Davis), who wrote the song as a key player in the creative collaboration team behind the track’s inception. Additionally, the 18-year-old musical maestro has been credited for his contributions to Rebecca Black’s ‘Let Her Burn’ EP and Ice Spice’s remixed single, ‘Boy’s a liar pt.2’ featuring PinkPantheress. These contributions are no small feat for NORD, with the combined stream count between these singles being equivalent to well above one billion listens.