The Shiv announced his new song titled ‘Mere Shiva’ and the song is a tribute to Lord Shiva.

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The singer stated that the song is very close to his heart as he is a devotee of Lord Shiva. So, he decided to sing a song and said that he hoped that he had done justice to the song. Further, the song describes the story of the youth pursuing the lord. In this era of modernism and the new generation are forgetting about their roots, culture, and where they belong. Then, the man realizes that serving selflessly is a true worship of Lord Shiva.

The song will be available on All digital platforms on 10 July 2023. This song depicts a devotee worshiping and praising lord shiva and has a perspective of a conversation between lord shiva and the devotee all about “Who is Mahadev”.

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However, the singer then mentioned about Featuring of his close friend Suraj, Song is recorded at Bloss Clef studio in Noida (Delhi) Also said that the amazing lyrics written by Adarsh Mishra bring strength to the song and create a different aura and flow of emotions from the viewpoint of a worshipper. Music is produced by Ashutosh Bharadwaj and the song is mix mastered by Krishna Jeena.

Lastly, he wishes that the song should receive much love and appreciation from the audience so that it performs well.