Tian Boothe is always creating something special and we enjoy seeing her work. A few days ago, she premiered her new single, called “CP Original,” a song “about fantasizing.” Tian wrote, directed, produced, and used her vocals for the song. She has another song ready to drop soon.

Tian Boothe is an American singer, songwriter, and director. She has been directing and singing professionally for five years, writing her own scripts, collabing with artists in Los Angeles, and creating eye-opening music videos.

As impressive as her résumé is, what’s even more impressive is this: Tian is genuinely unaffected by her popularity. She’s sweet, charming and, most importantly, compassionate.

We sat down with Tian Boothe to find out how she got started in music and directing, as well as to discover the source of her gracious charisma.

With a fearless approach to her filmmaking, Tian Boothe managed to create a highly acclaimed niche for her work. Her style stems from her need to tell stories that inspire change and has been described as touching, dramatic and honest. She tries to keep her work relevant and suitable for most viewers. She states: “…as an artist, I also want to tell my story. The consequences are that sometimes my work turns out a bit different than expected.”

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