As a precursor to their upcoming EP ‘Lost Years’, Wine Pride shares their atmospheric and dreamy new single ‘12:01 AM’ – released 11th April via Brighton-based cult label Crafting Room Recordings (ELLiS D, SoftTop, Hualun).

After the success of their debut album ‘Wine Pride’, the band has developed their sound; tapping deeper into the emotive, nostalgia laden core of their music. Sharp, interlocking guitar lines combine with melodic bass and exact drumming to create a rhythmic musical progression that guides the listener deeper into the enveloping world of sound as Aaron Felger’s vocals sit softly above the swirling harmonies.

wine pride

‘12:01 AM’s restless haze is rooted in confronting an unhealthy lifestyle, as Aaron himself explains:
“The person telling the story is struggling to understand whether their desire to party is fueled by their lust for life or addiction. The outro, “Life like a dream you live” represents both celebrating your life, feeling like you’re living a dream, and a washed up, sense of denial about your clouded reality. 12:01 AM symbolizes the first minute of the new day and all the possibilities for change that come with it. You could be embracing it as you’re enjoying time with your friends or dreading what comes next.”