Jisoo of BLACKPINK unveiled a new look at the upcoming music video for her debut solo single “Flowers” on Tuesday (March 28).

The snippet finds the BLACKPINK member donning a stunning array of colorful, floral-inspired looks that fit perfectly in line with the title of the song, which is due out March 31 via YG Entertainment as part of her debut solo release ME.

After gazing in a bathroom mirror in a casual pink top, the screen cuts to the Seoul native alternately strutting through a ballroom in a brocade gown embroidered with pink flowers and wearing a lacy black top with a matching rosette around her neck. Other high-fashion moments in the clip include Jisoo in a midnight blue crop top of velvet and sequins (with another matching rosette in hand!), a strappy cerulean dress made of small, sculptural flowers and a monochromatic purple look with ribbons wrapped around her arms.

Despite the runway’s worth of eye-popping ensembles, the teaser only gives BLINKs a few seconds of the actual song to devour, with Jisoo uttering a single line in her native Korean before the track abruptly cuts off to reveal her name and the song title against a black screen.

With the eagerly anticipated release, Jisoo will become the fourth and final member of BLACKPINK to debut solo music following Jennie’s 2018 track “SOLO” and Rosé’s record-breaking solo single album R and Lisa’s LALISA in 2021. Meanwhile, the girl group is just weeks away from headlining Coachella 2023 along with Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean.

Watch the teaser for Jisoo’s “Flowers” above.