This is the story of a jazz musician that used to play for 20 years at weddings, but also on Italian national televisions and radios with famous artists. Then the world changed and during the lockdown this musician, finding himself unemployed, started to explore the depths of virtual reality and fell in love with it, adopting the prothesic identity (and the wig) of HOLOGRAM BOY.

Hologram Boy - official photo

His first single, “SINAPSI ATTIVE” (feat. Miss Virtuality), is available in digital from November 10th, 2021.


Using his cybernetic hologram, that conveys irony, mercurial vitality and a feeling of uneasiness typical of the suburbs of the Metaverse, HOLOGRAM BOY releases his first single “SINAPSI ATTIVE”, produced by renowned tv-series composer Claudio Ottaviano (S.I.A.E.) and features the vocals of the great Miss Virtuality, girlfriend of the artist.

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This track is the dada-impressionistic manifesto of the digital peripheries that move at the edges of lightning, with all the disruptive electric charge of the best aesthetic short circuits.

Hologram Boy in the studio

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