The famous social media platform, Weibo in China banned a fan page of BTS. BTS is a popular South Korean K-pop band. It is popular all over the world. The fan base of BTS is spread to each and every hook and corner in the world. The Chinese fan club has undergone 60 days ban for posts.


The fan club has more than 1.1 million followers on Weibo. It was centered around Jimin who is a famous member of BTS. China launches a campaign to clean up the entertainment industry. The account got restrictions due to the ‘irrational behavior’ shown by fans.

The president of China Xi Jinping has called for ‘national rejuvenation. So it is advised to implement tighter communist party control of business, culture, religion, and education. So they have taken steps to children’s exposure to online games. They discourage anything that seems unhealthy attention towards celebrities.

The government has banned effeminate men on TV and idol development shows. All of them had ‘low moral values’ that has an adverse influence on the youth.

It is said that the club has raised funds illegally. Images have circulated around Weibo. It contained a customized airplane from Jeju Air with images of Jimin on it. They have planned to celebrate the 26th birthday of Jimin in October.

It was Sunday the group was banned. It lasts for 60 days. Weibo has posted a statement saying that they oppose such irrational star-chasing behavior. Further, the statement says that this will consider seriously.

The fan club started fundraising in April. Their intention was to make a birthday celebration. The fund had more than 1 million yuan during the first three minutes after launching the activity. The income of the first hour was 2.3 million yuans.

The members of the club planned to post advertisements in newspapers like The New York Times celebrating Jimin’s birthday. Many people around the world tend to celebrate the birthdays of celebrities. It is common to see advertisements in newspapers and billboards. Some fans customize public transports with images of idols.

On the same day, Weibo has banned 21 other fan accounts for 30 days. That is due to posting ‘irrational star chasing content’. Those fan accounts were mainly based on K-pop celebrities. The banned accounts included fan pages of South Korean boy bands NCT and EXO members and girl group Blackpink.

It is very common to see celebrities get heavily fined in China. The celebrities are pressured to sick to values introduced by the Chinese government. Fan Bingbing and Zheng Shuang are two such celebrities that recently got heavily fined for evading taxes. Zhao Wei who was a famous actress in China had to remove her name from credits of TV shows and films where she had starred without explanation.

A famous Chines singer and actor, Lu Han who was a former member of K-pop group EXO has decided to cut ties with Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet. It is due to a video circulated online last week displaying its CEO refers to Taiwan as an ‘ultra-modern, high-tech country’

China claims Taiwan as a territory. Other countries can have diplomatic relations with either Taiwan or China. But not with both..