Jorge & Mateus, Brazil’s Satanejo says that they don’t have plans to sing in English. These two stars are at the top of Brazil’s streaming charts. They still don’t plan to become global stars.

The full name of Mateus is, Mateus Pedro Liduário de Oliveira. He is 35 years old now and hails from Goiás. He started singing in 2005 and became one of Brazil’s most popular acts in any genre. The commanding fees of Mateus for a show in his country is up to $200 000. It was revealed by their former manager Marcos Araújo. Jorge & Mateus reached 1st place in Spotify’s list of most listened to Brazilian artists in the decade that ends in 2019. The live propaganda named ‘Propaganda’ was the most heard song in Brazil in the decade.

Jorge & Mateus

The Tudo em Paz which was the ninth live album reached the fourth on most plays on Spotify’s global chart during the first week of release. All the 15 project tracks were in Spotify’s Top 200 Brazil list. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected too the journey of this duo. They are eagerly waiting to get back to the road after this critical situation. Jorge & Mateus had about 150 shows a year. 

They were planning to perform Saturday, September 5 in Miami at Summer Festival at Virginia Key Beach Park and Brockton, Mass in October. The show was pushed back due to the limitations of participation in events in Brockton. 

The forsertanejoto came from farms that were situated in the rural parts of the country. Mateus said that they had heard a lot about the brothers who lived together since childhood and started singing. They had the chance to cope with other cultures due to the development of media. 

Jorge explains the barriers for forsetanejo to grow more outside of Brazil. He highlights the Portuguese language. They spoke Portuguese on the island with a surrounding of the Spanish language. It took them a long time to absorb the culture from the neighbors. He tells that they have much strong bond with the Anglo-Saxon culture when compared to Latin culture. Mateus and Jorge play for foreigners who speak the same language as them. They are planning to have shown in foreign countries where many Brazilians have migrated. 

According to Mateus, they have little drawback against the international career. It is the language barrier. Though their music is musically simple actually it is not like that. Their music is popular as well as commercial. If the international audience won’t find the meanings of the lyrics, then it will make a drawback for the career of forsetanejo. They also remind us about the great Brazilian artists who made a journey at the international level but came up with no results. Both Mateus and Jorge think that it is due to the language barrier. 

They either don’t have plans to sing in other languages like English or Spanish. Jorge says that they are going to focus on old Portuguese. Mateus says that he is going to admit Jorge to English classes to check how he sings in English. Jorge was surprising to hear that and also he complains about the accent. It sounds scary when Brazilians speak in English according to him. 

Their inspiration for the new album is producing eclectic albums and projects. Jorge and Mateus always try to incorporate various rhythms, BPMs, textures, and styles. The first song of their new album is a great play that won’t make the listener bored. It is also not repetitive. Their new album is a collection of all kinds of influences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge industry for all the industries including the music industry. Jorge says that they had more time to explore repertoire in the production of songs in terms of arrangements during the pandemic. They didn’t have this chance during other projects. They were very busy and stay in the studios for days and come to the road and again go back to the radio. It was a quite new experience for Jorge and Mateus to record without an audience. They had redirected feelings by dedicating their selves more to work.

Jorge and Mateus do recordings in the interior of our state of Goiás, in Pirenópolis. It is a historic city with a traditional and picturesque mountain range. They have chosen the locations due to the availability of symbols like trees and mountains.

Jorge and Mateus split from their longtime manager. Now they are controlling the reins of their company and brand. They together discuss and solve problems. They have each and everything related to the agenda and future planning. They thoroughly believe that if they are aware of everything that happens because they can plan, then they can’t be taken by surprise. 

Jorge says that they don’t see a requirement of having an intermediary. A good structure that lasts for the long term, food relationships, a network will bring good results for them. Their main contractors in Brazil come to their office and formulate the entire agenda for the following year. So Jorge does not see a use of a manager. In the end, they believe that it will make more connections and also give them knowledge on the way to do things by themselves. They define the friendly terms that are having Araújo as an amicable divorce where they are no longer have a legal relationship. But they always maintain a relationship.

At present, shows are really not helpful in making money for musicians. But streaming platforms play a huge role in making money from their tracks. Jorge and Mateus also believe it. 

Mateus says that the most important thing at the present is for people to be healthy. They should get vaccinated. No one can’t force people to get vaccines but it directly affects their immune against COVID-19. Mateus and Jorge have plans for next year. They think that next year will be a comeback with nice effects. People will get the chance to leave houses and enjoy life.