The Hamburg producer CHRIS FLYKE is a passionate fan of the sounds from the early 80s and when the corona crisis appeared, he sat down and created a great concept for his new album!


He wrote a 15-song masterpiece – a wonderful record, that combines the analog synthesizer sound from that era with contemporary Vibes of the 20s!

“Even before the Corona crisis, I realized how blatantly everyone lives in their own bubble!”, Chris says. ” The album also deals with this topic far away from the crisis. And when the lockdown came, I got the best out of my own bubble!”

Together with great German musicians like Julian Neumann (the guitarist of Zoe Wees), Kai Weidle (the Drummer of Hamburg’s LION KING), and the funk bass player Björn Kröger, he created a poppy rollercoaster ride through the world of synth-pop!!

Chris starts his album with a spherical science fiction opening („Digintroduction / Digital Bubblegum“), and every music lover quickly realizes that he is in a time machine when the third Song („Delorean Overdrive“) lifts off with a fantastic Chorus!


Sometimes socially critical (“Anyone Awake?”), Sometimes ironic (“Elephant in the Room”), sometimes profound (“Unpredictable World”), Chris brings the zeitgeist to the point, preserves our present-day attitude to life, and rounds it off with an almost epic showdown („Albatross”)!


Like that is not enough, his unique, sometimes exotic music videos developed into an insider tip in Germany within a few months! From underwater videos to paternoster band gigs, whether in the African desert or in a rainbow maze: Chris Flyke keeps pulling out all the stops and it’s worth checking out his YouTube Channel – in the brand new video for the title track of the new Album, Chris and his band perform in space!

Ear-Candy for Fans of SynthPop and NuDisco!


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