Natalie Hemby is a famous songwriter. She is at the top of the Billboards Country Airplay chart like Little Big Town’s ‘Pontoon, Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’, Lady A’s ‘Downtown’, and Jon Paradi’s ‘Heartache Medication’. Now she is a Grammy winner for the best song written for visual media. That was for the song ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ written with Lady Gaga for the A Star is Born film in 2018.

Natalie Hemby

Hemby’s father is a producer and a guitarist while her mother worked as an assistant for Army Grant and Vince Gill. This great songwriter got the influence fro 90s female singer-songwriters. McLachlan and Sheryl Crow and the Nashville music industry are some such influencers. The opening track of the new album comes with ‘Heros’. She has written wisdom lines like “If I ever met my heroes/ They might let me down.’’ Growing under the Army’s umbrella had given them many experiences to be kind and generous to people.

Hemby said that she never had a dream to become a songwriter. Her dream was to be an artist and she plays piano. Her favorite songs are from Sarah McLachian. One of her favorite song albums is Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album. Hemby tested the waters as a solo artist with a concept album called Puxico. She formed the Highwomen with Amanda Shires, Brandi Carlile, and Maren Morris. 

Hemby’s co-wrote two compositions namely, Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ and the Highwomen’s ‘Crowded Table’ got nominated for the best country song. The ‘Crowded Table’ won the golden gramophone. 

Pins and Needles are her first Fantasy/Concord. Mike Wruck, Hemby’s husband produced and mixed the album. It contains several co-wrote compositions too. Hemby has co-written songs with Morris (“Heart Condition”) Lambert (“Banshee,” “It Takes One to Know One”), Jedd Hughes (“Lake Air”) Daniel Tashian, and Rosi Golan (the new release “Radio Silence”), and more.

According to Hemby, the album’s title track describes the last decade of her life. 

Hemby wrote a song for Ed Shreen’s upcoming album. She has told some nice things about her compositions. Let’s see some of them. 

Miranda Lambert, ‘Bluebird’

Hemby and her team do not plan to write ‘Bluebird’ as a single. The song sounds brilliant when compared to other songs on the radio. It can soothe your mind even on a messy day. There are only a few mind-healing songs on the radio. ‘Bluebird’ is ahead of those.

Little Big Town, ‘Pontoon’

The song ‘Pontoon’ reached No. 1 in playlists. Hemby has never imagined that the song will reach such a climax. So it was really surprising for her.

Lady Gaga, ‘I’ll Never Love Again’

Writing a song for Lady Gaga was a new experience for Hemby. The song was slowly piecing together by considering the title. Hemby and Lady Gaga had written the song on the piano. After that, Frank Sinatra’s studio has cut Pet sounds. Hemby says that it is really magical.

Ed Sheeran, “Love in Slow Motion”

Hemby tells that Ed Shreen is a humble person. No matter how great he is in the industry, he is down to earth. He had told play something she would like. Then Hemby and Ed Shreen has together written the song. The different ideas of Ed Shreen had made the ‘Love in Slow Motion’ an incredible one.