A broken promise can change the lives of people. One such incident is going viral these days. The career life of Jay wheeler was kicked off with an unfulfilled promise. The rising Pueroto reggaetonero and Jay Wheeler made a non-committal agreement to work together in the future. This was made at the Myke Towers; an album release party at LIV nightclub in Miami.

jay wheeler

Wheeler got into the studio just after the party. It is Orlando where he currently lives. He wrote an intro as well as a chorus that ‘left a wide-open space’ for Towers. So Towers can either sing or rap it. Then he sent the demo to Towers through the producer. Wheeler said that he received the finished track even before 30 minutes. The demo came as ‘La Curiosidad’. That medium track vacillates between subtly sexy and explicit. It highlights Wheeler’s burnished tenor and Towers’ deeper bass.

‘La Curiosidad’ song become popular in the Billboard Global and Excl U.S. Chart. It was able to win the hearts of fans and reach the top in Hot Latin Song charts.

Wheeler gained popularity through the track named ‘Viendo el Techno’. This new approach changed the life of Wheeler. He worked as a farmhand and a Marshall before entering the music industry. Though he started college life, he gave up to become a singer. One of his friends was died even without fulfilling her dreams by a stray bullet. Her death made Wheeler push towards his dreams,

Wheeler started to sing. He uploaded songs ranging from reggaeton-influenced productions to ballads. Wheeler used to post songs on SoundCloud. Luis “Siru” Suárez is an entrepreneur and a producer who eventually search for new talents in SoundCloud. Wheeler was lucky enough to get a message on Facebook from Luis. Wheeler said that he had gone through bad experiences, unkept promises, and stolen money. But Luis promised to get him into his company. Wheeler was not able to refuse the proposal as Luis want him as a partner but not as a signed artist. 

Wheeler had an obvious development in singing. So Luis contacted Dj Nelson. He was a veteran reggaeton producer and had Indie Label Flow Music. By that time Nelson had an idea about the talent of Wheeler because he had watched the videos of Wheeler. Nelson introduces Wheeler as a humble talented man. 

The roster of producers including Wheeler, HitMaka, Nelson, and Poo Bear is preparing an English Language project named Good Music For Bad Days. The song will be out by the end of this year. Wheeler sings effortlessly in his second language in his first single ‘Take My Life’. It was a dream of Wheeler to sing in English. He was used to listening to his mom’s favorite acts like ’90s vocal groups Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys.’

The new album will be the last creation in Wheeler’s distribution contract with Empire. He is having conversations with other companies like majors. Wheeler says that both the team and his discipline took him to the place where he is now. He further tells that he worked every day thinking that Wheeler’s work was yesterday.