The buoyant personality, vivacious laugh, and infectious smile of Lauren Alaina improve the liveliness of a party. She is a 26-years-old American Idol alum. Alaina says her struggle in Sitting Pretty on Top of the World. It has a 15-song collection and was released on the 3rd of September. The songs display the maturity of this idol.

Lauren Alaina

Alaina was the first runner-up on the tenth season of American idol. In 2011, she released the debut album, Wild Flower and Road Less Traveled in 2017. The title hit first place in the country airplay chart.

Lauren Alaina co-wrote 14 songs during the pandemic. As a songwriter, Alaina got ample time to write songs. She says that she got the chance to connect with herself in a way that she had never used before. On Sep 11, Alaina engages as an Army lieutenant in the Hallmark movie, Roadhouse Romance.  There is also a new book named Getting Good at Being You by Harper Collins. It will be released on November 23. Alaina says, “You can really feel [the connection] in the music and the book and maybe even in the movie,”

Depression is an illness that we can’t notice by looking at a person. Do you believe that Alaina also suffers from depression? No one will even guess that. She is such a happy girl from the outside. She had written a little track penned with Sasha Sloan and Jordan Reynolds. Though she looks like the happiest girl in the room, she suffers from depression. Alaina got the idea to write the song while walking. The pandemic had put her down. She was upset about her own self.

“I wrote down ‘hitting rock bottom sitting on top of the world.’ When we wrote it on Zoom, we made it about a breakup, but for me, that really represents my emotional state because I always try to be the life of the party despite what’s happening. That song was just a recognition that you never know what somebody is going through. We’re all putting on a brave face. That’s why I ended up naming the album after it.” These are the words of Lauren Alaina.

Alaina is happy these days. She worries about the world and the pain the people undergo. Alaina tells, “But in my personal life, my heart has healed to a place where I can love myself and love others more fully. I’m just praying and believing for us to get through the other side of this time. This project really represents healing and that’s what we all need right now.”

The song was matching the title for her collection. The song displays the sad part of her life too. Alaina says, “but it’s also such a happy title that it felt really representative of the whole album because there are sad elements and there are hopeful and happy elements.”

Alaina loves the opening track of the album. It is ‘It Wasn’t Me’ that contains lyrics about a failed relationship. She had co-written the song with Hillary Lindsy. She thinks that IT Wasn’t Me is her ever best-written song.

The song ‘It Was Me’ contains complete ownership of going away from a situation. The new album displays who Alaina is. “Road Less Traveled I wrote about going from those teenage years of people seeing me on TV to being a young woman in the industry and figuring out who I am as a person. This album is about being really proud of the woman I’ve become. This album really represents love and loss, loving yourself even when someone doesn’t and redemption, hope, and new beginnings, chapters closing and new ones opening. I think it’s the best music I’ve ever made.” Alaina says these words.

Her journey was explained through the Getting Good at Being You. She explains I’m used to writing about situations that happen in my life for about 3 ½ minutes, so writing in full chapters was definitely different,” Further she says, “but it was such a healing process and I really loved it. Hopefully, the things I’ve gone through can help other people. That’s ultimately my goal as an artist is to be a light in this world and to promote healing.”

Alaina is waiting eagerly until her fans listen to her songs. The new album says who is she. The song Road Less traveled is one of her marvelous writings.