ATL native and Las Vegas Local DEE is the next Artist on The Rise, she has currently released two singles this year and is already making head waves as the next artist to blow up.


Her First single “You” was released back in June in which gained traction on TikTok with over 20k views the first month of her release. DEE was reached out by radio stations as well as, was offered a 2-year contract with a major record label regarding her first single” YOU”. DEE was asked to interview with Triple Threat FM Radio a well-known internet and local station located in the heart of New York City, she stated during her interview she has always had a passion for Music since she was 6 years old as it was a part of her Filipino and Puerto Rican Culture growing up, this must be why she has that exotic look to her features! Absolutely stunning.

DEE recently released her second single “Problem” Back on August 5 of this year. “Problem” by far is DEEs number 1 song as it currently is streaming in 23 countries around the world making “Problem” her hit single.

We spoke with DEE and asked her about any new upcoming music she plans on releasing and what she’s looking to accomplish as the new artist on the rise and she had a lot to say.

“I Definity am planning on releasing new music I’m currently working on my third single now and I’m excited for it to drop, it is going to be completely different than my first two singles because I look at myself as an artist that can work and do all kinds of music. I don’t want to limit myself to just one genre I want to be that artist that is multi-talented and can push myself to always do and try something new”.

dee 2

“Now what I hope to accomplish and what I want my fans to know as a new artist is for you to be yourself and never be afraid of chasing after your dreams I’ve been through a lot in my life, but each and every one of the things I’ve been through I took and grew from and my goal is for my fans to know it’s ok to be you chase what you want and what makes you happy.  I also want to see myself help in the community I see so many people who suffer and live lives that I truly feel people shouldn’t have to live in”.

DEE is making headlines as a brand-new Artist we are excited and anxious to see what her third single is going to be like, let’s all get ready to see her on the big screen performing for us in the near future.