In today’s music industry, female artists are breaking barriers and making their mark with powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics. Nikki Paige’s latest single “Boycotting” pushes social norms and brings her powerful message to an utterly uncomfortable video.

nikki paige

Her song is dark and upbeat. It carries a message that speaks to the heart. Audiences can feel her message when she says, “babies raising babies with no dads”, as the screen shows a troubled teen and her traumatic pregnancy. The artist is known for her introspective lyrics, which delve into personal experiences. Her music is relatable and makes you question your morals. She is pushing for women to stand up against sexual abuse by taking pictures of their legs crossed and tagging her in the posts. By identifying a group of women who are in solidarity with abuse victims Nikki hopes to change how people think about abortion. She has no problem boycotting boys until her message is heard.

Nikki Paige is gaining a lot of attention for after releasing her latest single “Boycotting”. With roughly 400K views in the first 2 days, she has surpassed any of her previously released videos. Is it because the video production quality continues to improve or is it because her storytelling is so vivid that audiences are sharing her music at an incredible rate? There must be many factors working along her message that are aiding this song’s popularity.

Her label Mfrecordz, with business partner Greg Hannley, has created a team of stars as they produce incredible music and videos. The video was directed by Kyle Russell and the music was produced by Chris Jack.

There is a new wave of pop emerging from Nikki Paige and her peculiar odd brand. The release of her new music is a highly anticipated event and her fans are eagerly waiting to experience the impact she has on the music industry.