Get ready to take a plunge into the depths of OCEANDVST! This female-fronted Greek pop-punk band is stirring up the music scene with their dynamic sound, highlighting today’s most critical issues. Hear them burst onto your speakers with catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and purposeful lyrics.


OCEANDVST is already making waves in the scene with an energy that won’t soon be forgotten. So, make sure to check them out.

We sat down with the band’s members to hear more about what inspired them to make such meaningful music.

Hello guys, and welcome to Billboard Music World. Could you tell us what inspired you to start making music?

Honestly, everything around us and everything that happens in our lives is an inspiration for our music. So I could say that life leads us to a place where we can’t do anything other than express ourselves with music. We started quite young and needed to externalize our feelings, and music seemed to be the vessel.

You recently released your latest single NME – what’s the story behind it?

Writing NME was definitely a challenging moment for the band. Many things happened that forced us to face reality. I could say that our “bubble” popped, and all of a sudden, we were facing the truth. During the writing process, we were able to realize what we want to do, who we are and what we want to be in the future. We actually talked about separating and calling it quits, and that’s the main reason why this song is so special to us. It’s a unique bond we have, if I may say. So this song talks about toxic relationships we may have with ourselves, trying to please other people and not prioritizing what we should.

How would you describe your sound?

That’s a good one! We don’t even know. When people ask what kind of music do you play? The answer is usually pop punk because this inspired the band from the beginning. But I think we are involved in a new different sound, closer to alternative rock. But when we go to the studio, we actually write whatever comes to our minds without putting labels. Pop/punk is another genre, and you could say that with fits in.

What challenges have you faced as a band over the years?

Playing in a band has many things in common with being in a romantic relationship when it comes to understanding each other’s points of view, peculiarities, and needs. And we are three people with the same goals but with way different personalities and approaches. There were times when we didn’t give enough space to make clear what happened to each other’s minds, and this led us to a confusion that paralyzed us and made us think that the whole thing couldn’t work anymore. The feeling of working hard on something with no purpose was very frustrating, so we had to choose between two choices: Either to end the band, or zoom in on the situation, understand each other, and find again the motivation to create the best music we can. The choice was obvious, and we are still working on it. But it feels so fulfilling to see ourselves getting stronger through this.


What’s the most rewarding part of being in a band together?

After all this time, the most rewarding part is our friendship. We create experiences together, we create music together, and we help each other to be a better version of ourselves. We travel, and we play our songs, you know? That’s a great thing to do with your friends.

What do you think is the key to making great music?

Music is all about expressing the artist’s point of view, so we’d say living your life intensely and then writing about it. And, of course, lots of hours of practice!

What do you hope your fans will take away from listening to your music?

The artist sometimes brings a song to life out of his wounds, and at those times, artists are at their lowest, by the music, they reach out to people that can possibly empathize with the meaning of the song. Some people just feel empathy, and some have been to the same place we’ve been. We all have our moments of weakness and strength; we hope that our listeners know our music is not only our form of expression but theirs also. We hope it gives them strength to “carry on”, and even if it doesn’t, we’re for you ’til it does. #oceanfam is forever.

What are your plans for 2023?

I think we survived a big one and that made us a lot more united and stronger so we’ll try hard for every big thing we possibly can, that means we want to create the best music we have so far, play a lot of shows, maybe go on a tour. Of course, we wanna see the oceanfam growing bigger and bigger.

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