TaniA Kyllikki has established herself as an exceptionally brilliant singer-songwriter with her debut album, “Why Chapter One.”

The new album “Why Chapter One” by the British singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki, demonstrates that she possesses an impressively wide vocal range, which is especially evident when it comes to belting out large, powerful tunes. On her long-awaited debut album, she does not disappoint in the least. She delivers in abundance. TaniA Kyllikki and her fiance, Garry D. Hairston, worked together on the production and writing of the lyrics for this album, which features modern pop and R&B songs with powerful, relatable messages in the lyrics.

“Handle with Care,” In today’s modern music industry, some may say that beginning an album with a piano ballad is a risky move; but, in this particular instance, it is a brilliant marketing strategy. This soulful pop ballad begins with TaniA’s first few lines, “I’m going through emotions, questioning your motivations, do you really love me? Are you here to stay? ” TaniA then rises in intensity with effortless strong belts packed with hard-hitting emotions that will keep the audience’s attention throughout the song. Lyrically, the song describes being honest about one’s shattered personality and begging her new love to be careful with her frail, wounded heart. An excellent way to start the album. TaniA’s melisma vocal method makes you want to jump to the next song.

“RARE,” A fusion of Neo Soul and R&B, it has a mellow and relaxing feel to it. Starting with TaniA’s British accent, some may not realise she is British based on how she sings. In this song, she adds a few angelic, well-controlled whistle notes and sweet harmonies blended together in the second half of the song, which is a more relaxed, softer approach to her vocals. You will really like the way this track combines various musical styles to create a cohesive and pleasing whole. TaniA’s vocals on “RARE” are breathtaking; it’s clear that she’s a gem hidden in plain sight.

“What If?” A song that describes the anguish of having a miscarriage is gaining popularity off of the album, as evidenced by the fact that a fan-made lyrics video for it has over 11 thousand views. TaniA has done a stunning job of writing and singing this song; anyone who has been through a similar kind of loss should give it a listen.

This album contains a total of nine songs, and each one of them stands out with its own powerful message. Some of the themes that are covered on this album include heartbreak, miscarriage, abuse, and finding new love. In light of the fact that this is TaniA’s first debut album, it is remarkable how beautifully put together and executed all the songs are. TaniA Kyllikki is definitely making a great first impression.

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