Travis Porter is an American hip hop trio from Atlanta, Georgia. The group consists of stepbrothers Ali and Quez, and their friend Strap who they met in middle school. The trio sit down with Rueben Wood in new interview and first episode of SOM Talk Live, and talk about whether or not its considered cheating if you have or create a relationship with someone in the Meta verse.

Creating the dialogue for an interesting conversation centered around an episode of critically acclaimed show “Black Box”, Wood and Travis Porter run down an outlook of what actually was happening in the scene starring Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The episode is clearly inspired by the adverse effects of someone who watches porn but the question is does it mean that someone is actually cheating since its in the digital world. In reality though the two friends meet up in real life and have an affair proving that Anthony Mackie’s character did cheat on his spouse.

Strap and Quez immediately agree it would be considered to be cheating anyway proving one of the potential downfalls of the community driven inline space for people to create their own digital utopias. With so many people joining the trend it makes it hard to not want to be apart of the ever growing metaverse, but one must exercise caution for the psyche. Even though the conversation ends in laughter and getting back to the music, the message is still clear, be careful what you stumble upon in the metaverse.

Travis Porter recently released their latest project making a come back to music and within their return the released the record ” Like Dat” ! Watch Here: