Two days after officially announcing their joint, three-track EP RR (due out March 24), Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro revealed a snippet of one of their upcoming songs “Beso” on Wednesday (March 15).

Rosalía & Rauw Alejandro Get Up Close and Personal in Steamy Teaser for ‘Beso’

In a steamy clip posted on Rosalía’s TikTok account, the power couple are seen closely facing each other in bed, as they sing their romantic verses like they’re on the verge of kissing each other.

It’s the first time that onlookers get to see and hear the pair sing together — and the new reggaeton-pop song already brims with equal parts conviction and seduction. With Rosalía’s breathy, flamenco-laden rasp, and Alejandro’s sensual R&B-laden vocals, their voices meet in perfect harmony.

Yo necesito otro beso (I need another kiss),” croons Rosalía, and her partner responds “Uno de esos que tú me das (only the ones you give me).” “Estar lejos de ti es el infierno (being away from you is hell),” she sings, “Estar cerca de ti es mi paz (being close to you is my peace),” he responds. The pair then unite their voices, singing, “Yo me voy contigo a matar / No me dejes solo / ¿Pa’ dónde vas, pá dónde vas?” or “I’m going with you to kill / Don’t leave me alone / Where are you going, where are you going?”

Alejandro kicked off his Saturno World Tour last month in the Dominican Republic, and on Thursday and Friday (March 16-17), the Puerto Rican hitmaker will venture to the Tri-State area with New Jersey and New York stops. The trek will continue to Mexico, Central America, and Europe throughout the summer before hitting up South America in the fall.

Earlier this month, Rosalía was recognized as Producer of the Year at the Billboard Women In Music awards. The Spanish idol, who had one of the most successful tours of 2022 with Motomami, will also be headlining some of the biggest festivals around the world such as Coachella, Lollapalooza (Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Paris), Primavera Sounds, Gurtenfestival and more.

On Monday (March 13), the beloved duet revealed the names of their songs of their EP, which also include “Vampiros” and “Promesa.” While RR is their first official release together, the couple have subtly collaborated on each other’s previous projects; Rosalía sang backing vocals on “Dile a Él” from Rauw’s first album, Afrodisiaco (2020) as well as “Corazón Despeinado” from Saturno (2022). Rauw co-wrote some lyrics in Rosalía’s “Chicken Teriyaki” from her Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning 2022 album, Motomami. She also lent her pen on “Caprichoso” from Rauw’s EP Trap Cake, Vol. 2 (2022).

Check out the eyebrow-raising new teaser for “Beso” below: