1. For those who do not know please introduce

For those who don’t know me, I am Jaysus Zain, a poet, and musician based in the UAE.

Jaysus Zain

2. How has been your music journey like?

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but it was when I discovered hip hop that’s when I realized just how powerful words could be. Spoken words and poetry became my outlet: they helped me process my emotions and connect more deeply with myself. Although I was heavily inspired by great artists such as Tupac, hip hop also led me to reconnect with the legacy of poetry and spoken word we find in African and Arab cultures. These are cultures that have always used the power of words to express themselves, educate and unite people, but also to tackle political, spiritual, and social issues.

Working towards making a living out of my passion was inevitable, and living in the UAE has truly supported this dream. I am blessed enough to be able to continue to refine my craft through all the international tours and performances I’ve done. Although my musical journey is far from being at its beginning, I sure hope I have a long way in front of me as an artist.

3. Please walk us through being part of Charlie Sloth’s Booth. How did that come about?

I have approached the Apple Music Team and Nomad and was told that I was selected to have my own fire in the booth episode, I was told that the producers were shocked that this level of artistry exists on this side of the world and Charlie Sloth himself said in an interview that he was paying attention to my music and heard about me before the episode finally came about.

4. What’s a core message that you would like your listeners to get from you? Whether it’s spoken word or

A common thread through most of my art I would say is hope and faith. That we all have the capacity within ourselves to heal and overcome challenges. But also that we need one another, and that love, friendship, and community are powerful tools of our human experience.

5. Outside of music, what is one thing that keeps your mind away from the hustle and bustle of life? Sports? Acting? Fashion?

I am not sure my mind is ever truly away from the hustle and bustle of life, as I am someone who is very much constantly immersed in the creative process. In addition to my music, a good portion of my time is spent on providing creative direction to marketing and advertisement projects. I also run improv workshops at Berkeley College here in Abu Dhabi. If there is one thing that manages to take me out of my head, it is definitely playing football.

6. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Not only in your craft but in life in general?

Absolutely. And while my perfectionism has served me as a driver – pushing me to keep refining my work until I am satisfied enough with it -, it certainly can sometimes act as a barrier to me releasing some of my projects.

7. Please tell us about your latest upcoming projects. I believe you mentioned you are releasing a book?

Yes, I am getting ready to publish my first book. It is a collection of poems, some of which date back 15 years ago. More than a compilation, (the book is created in a way where the readers are taken on the same journey as the writer, a Journey of Finding Faith within yourself first, your friends family, and community, and in your passion and craft). The book also includes artworks tailor-made to fit each poem, these artworks are also going to be released as NFTs and merchandise.

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