It seems the upcoming independent sing-songwriter will have a successful 2022, even if his latest move is anything to go by. The talented singer has just dropped the much-anticipated single “Growing Apart”. The song, which was dropped just two days ago (20th June 22, 2022), has already made some tractions on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. But Cody is not intending to rest on his laurels, judging by his recent interview where he was quoted saying: “I’ve got some many plans. I have this upcoming EP and then another EP (or an album, depending on where I’m at). I want to do some shows. I think that is my big next step.”

Growing Apart

So as you enjoy this new banger, stay tuned, as Cody has some massive plans in the coming months. “I am dropping a song next month. It’ll be followed up by another song or two, all apart from an EP. And then EP will drop around [the end of] June. I have got some amazing features and I’m nervous yet excited about releasing it.”

The song has a clear and maximum sound as he features Dylan Longworth. “Growing Apart” video is created in animation and starts with a deeply in love Cody fantasizing about dancing with the girl of his dream. But as the song progresses, the distance between the two grows apart slowly until there is a sizeable gap between the two – the girl is standing on a balcony of a high-rise apartment while Cody is standing below and looking up. It seems Cody’s girl has changed his mind about being in a relationship with him, and she fantasizes about being with other guys.

The song is about the happy times these two lovebirds shared, but now they are slowly growing apart. Cody is trying to fight for his relationship, but his girlfriend is not interested. “it’s crazy that we could go from doing something that makes us close then suddenly you’ll turn cold”.

Cody echoes reputable singers such as Miguel, Bryson Tiller, and Anderson – who could easily make your nerves gasp with the power of their melancholy. The rhythm is an ideal match for Cody, reminiscing early Miguel’s work. Cody incorporates hip hop, R&B, pop, funk, electronic, and rock styles into his music.  The song doesn’t have a happy ending, despite Cody’s efforts to win her back.

The Sacramento-based independent artist was exposed to multiple music genres around and his talents cannot be confined to just one genre. Just like his other songs, “Growing Apart” is also full of emotions and emanates from a place of passion and real-life experiences.

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