YungJiggy was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. The 23 year old artist always enjoyed music growing up. His big brother and stepdad both did music, so he wasn’t new to it.


He says in High School during lunchtime, he and his friends will gather up with a JBL speaker and take turns rapping on the instrumentals. It was only a short period of time till he starting coming to school prepared, with a full hook and verse. He received feedback from his friends and they motivated him to actually take music seriously because of his arrogant/stylish flow. It was different from others in his city, and he knew that. His genre is considered a melodic sound. He mixes it up with harmonizing and rapping to balance out the track.

YungJiggy 2

He discusses LLCs, women, money, and achieving goals mainly in his music. YungJiggy is not only an artist, he owns multiple vending machines around his city, as well as a credit repair business that he started in 2020. He teaches the youth about credit and improving your confidence when communicating with potential business partners.

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“Music isn’t the only thing I occupy myself with, I know other things too!” —he quotes. Expect upcoming music from YungJiggy, he may be you’re new favorite artist!

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