Texas (Beaumont) creative Kidd Dee is a multi-talented artist in the hip-hop world. As an artist, writer, producer, and engineer, music has flowed through his veins since childhood. With a family legacy steeped in musical talent, Kidd Dee has crafted a unique style, which he calls G.R.N.B.—Gangsta Rhythm n’ Blues.

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Kidd Dee’s music is a bold fusion of raw hip-hop energy. His latest self-produced single, “I’m The Biggest,” is a testament to his larger-than-life persona. The track showcases his creative hunger and hints at the climate shift he aims to bring to the musical landscape. Serving as a declaration of dominance and a teaser for what’s to come, “I’m The Biggest” is the perfect starting point for new listeners just taping in.

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What sets Kidd Dee apart is his extraordinary ambition. Currently working on two massive projects, “Kidd Wayy 2” and “Kidd Wayy 3,” his creative flow has been working overtime to feature an unprecedented 50 songs on each album. This kind of output is unheard of in today’s industry and demonstrates his relentless dedication. Kidd Dee is not just creating music; he’s laying the groundwork for other artists to follow.

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Beyond his musical pursuits, Kidd Dee remains dedicated to his record label, HOMS Entertainment, a hub for high-quality merch and cutting-edge studio time. Visit homsentertainment.com to check out the latest package deals they have to offer. For all business inquiries and to stay up-to-date on “Kidd Wayy 2” and “Kidd Wayy 3,” follow Kidd Dee by clicking the links below.

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