New Ambient Music Out Today, The Creator, Kareem Chenheu, Who’s Alterego We are Very Familiar With (3amAlexander) Presented (TM2L4)

Kareem ChenHeu

—Too Much To Live For —

This Past Week the airwaves lit up once the internet got a hold of the new single.
Starting to Seem like Kareem pulls 3amAlexander out When he needs to cater to the (HyperPop) Sound That we’ve Heard On (No Jumper) Back in 2021 Produced (Take A Day Trip) This track leans more toward the mellow Hype Theme, We get from artist like (Tyler The Creator) Sure your a Pop-punk Artist Pharrell Says about Kareem After hearing the Song on Apple Music radio with Zane Lowe, Kareem says this happens a-lot where he creates a sound (TM2L4) a Most might try to downplay it.


The form of art done on this track is gripping from the smooth background vocals to the added high-pitch background vocals you hear closer to the second verse. That really captures your attention because the flow of the song is so sharp, The opening lines.

“We run through the city we have the motion”
“What does that mean we asked”

Kareem responds by saying running through the city in many words for my group of friends means partying at different locations traveling through the roadways and having motion just meaning actually doing things and without hesitation, it’s all just conjured up to fulfillment and enjoyment.

Kareem ChenHeu Music

“Kareem’s says”

Our interview we on if you’d like to revisit this conversation check out the live podcast we did.

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