Flow and bounce pair with R&B and Hip-hop fusion on hot new single ‘2 Years’

Imagine if Michael Jackson had found his way into a grittier, more hip-hop-driven world. His smooth, melodic vibes and rich R&B sound melding in the midst of that bouncy hip-hop feel would have been something impressive. That’s the sound that East Coast artist 18sinz has discovered, and it’s the kind of stand-out sound that is impressing fans and industry insiders alike.


His latest single “2 Years” puts that sound on full display. The slow, low-key intro of the song is merely a tease before giving way to a fast ride of freaky flow from this fast-rising young artist. With a voice in the higher tenor register, 18sinz whips words with masterful ease. With this single, he’s created an up-tempo, fun, bouncy ride from the moment he hits the beat to the very end. And he’s created lyrics born from real experiences of love and loss in relationships. Most of his music revolves around relationships, and with “2 Years” he paints a picture of a love that has turned sour over time.

“It’s a song that was inspired by me and my ex-girlfriend and how even after we’d been dating for so long I was still wondering if I could trust her,” 18sinz said. “At the end of the day, when all these things are going down, can I still trust her in the crunch. Ultimately, I left my heart to the wrong female, and I’m gonna make sure that never happens again. It’s really a song that’s uplifting, and I think it shows how my music is very different. I’m talking about real situations and scenarios that I paint with my lyrics. It makes people feel good about themselves. It sounds good and feels good – you can dance and groove to it and also relate to it.”

18sinz said he started making music when he was a freshman in high school. He was inspired by an older brother, who would often take him to the studio with him and encouraged him to get on the mic one day. He created a song called “Small World” that gained some traction and had his classmates playing it all the time. That inspired him to keep creating more and more singles, and over time his popularity as an artist continued to rise. In 2019 he released a mixed tape called “BirkenBoy” that really took off and put him on the national stage as an artist to be reckoned with. He started traveling up to New York and meeting with industry insiders and A&Rs. And he hasn’t looked back since.

In addition to “2 Years,” 18sinz said he’s got another single ready to drop this summer called “Way That You Move,” with even more music planned for later this year.

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Listen to 2 Years:  https://music.apple.com/ca/album/2-years-radio-edit-radio-edit-single/1576416641