The hands of gold are always cold but the sweet voice of Jai Humble is always warm with passion and emotions. This vocal queen who also happens to be a striking beauty was born In San Diego, California but moved to Dallas, Texas in order to take her blooming music career to the next level. She has emerged as a darling not only to her fans but also to her industry peers who have been astonished the same way we have at such a consummate level of musicianship as the one she displays. Like a phoenix rising star, she emerges from the burning flames of talent, holding the mic in her hand, and brings the whole house down as the audience below her acknowledges with pride!

Jai Humble Loving Me Up 2

She has been making her mark on the R&B and pop scene but is not afraid to venture out of her comfort zone as she does in the single, “Loving Me Up”- an afrobeats-inspired tune that is just in time for the summer parties. This is a straight hit that is the mark of a masterpiece in improvised melodic transcendence. You will absolutely love the vibes she emits and her passionate performance is the proverbial icing on this euphonious cake!

There is so much character in her performance that is near perfect- you can see she pours her heart and soul into this performance and it is absolutely magical. The emotions can be felt right through her angelic vocals that are in perfect sync with the danceable beats. Her vocals are the heart and soul of this track and the passionate delivery is where the quintessential gist of this melody resides.

Jai Humble Loving Me Up

One fascinating thing about this tune is that it is full of easily memorable and catchy lines. From the intro which forms part of the bridge, to the pre-chorus and chorus itself, there is absolutely so much to sing along to. And she nailed all the performances impeccably- such is the mark of an accomplished maestro.

The music video is exactly what I imagined it to be; a high-quality cinematic visual phenomenon that features some eye-catching raw images of the dancing people that pass the vibe check. You will absolutely enjoy every minute of it and will not even know when the track is over.

Jai Humble Loving Me Up 3

To view this high-standard visual experience; follow the attached link, subscribe to her YouTube channel, like the video, save it as a favorite and share it with your friends for they deserve such an infectious tune on their summer playlists!

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