Tempers flared earlier this week when Offset and J. Prince’s feud spilled over to social media in wake of Takeoff‘s murder last year.

A Timeline of Offset & J. Prince’s Ongoing Feud

While the Migos have issues of their own when it comes to repairing the relationship between Quavo and Set, they’ve agreed to keep quiet when it comes to the tragic shootout that tragically took the life of their family member.

On the other hand, J. Prince has attempted to debunk rumors and clear his family’s name surrounding the deadly shooting, which took place in his hometown of Houston during the early hours of Nov. 1, outside a local bowling alley. The Rap-A-Lot Records founder has publicly addressed Takeoff’s death on multiple occasions in different interviews, which angered Offset — who has remained publicly tight-lipped regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Tensions were raised to another level this week when J. Prince and the Mob Ties family appeared on an episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game earlier in February, where the Houston native dissed Set for allegedly not being there for his late groupmate.

While J. Prince maintains there was previously love on both sides from interactions throughout his career with the Migos, the fuse was lit, and that love went to the wayside as the war of words intensified — becoming a trending topic on social media, with Cardi B even chiming in this week. Cooler heads have since seemed to (hopefully) prevail, as Offset promised in his most recent warning shot at Prince that it would be the final time he speaks on him publicly.

Check out our timeline of the J. Prince and Offset feud below.

Takeoff Murdered in Houston (Nov. 1, 2022)