Netflix Mexico has launched “Oi Nomás” with the mission of creating original music based on the best stories and characters from their popular series and movies, which Billboard can exclusively reveal Monday (Dec. 6).

Los Dos Carnales

Kicking off the initiative is Regional Mexican duo Los Dos Carnales, who teamed up with Netflix for the release of a new corrido called “Misma Sangre.” The song was inspired by the Professor and Berlín of Netflix’s La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) series.

Identified with the characters’ brotherhood and personalities, the creative process was very agile and natural for Los Dos Carnales, who won the 2021 Latin Grammy for best Norteño album.

“We feel very happy and grateful to the Netflix family for having invited us to start the ‘Oi Nomás’ project with them,” brothers Imanol and Poncho Quezada tell Billboard. “It was a very significant challenge for us and our career to immortalize characters from their series La Casa de Papel under the sound of the corrido.”

“Misma Sangre” arrives with an intimate and dark music video directed in Mexico City by Alexis Gómez. The visual not only captures La Casa de Papel’s aura but also demonstrates the union that the two talented siblings have.

The corrido marks the first of many musical tributes and collaborations that Netflix Mexico plans to release via “Oi Nomás.”