After having returned to the EDM scene in 2021 with his first studio album “Caught Between Sounds”, and has been inactive for more than 3 years before that, Isaac Velazquez brings us his first single of 2023 released under Level Music, a sub-label belonging to Warner Music Group Corporation.

Speaker Boy DJ Producer Black

The young 25-year-old Venezuelan producer was homeless for 2 and a half years, living in a homeless shelter, and very far from the production studios, which helped him save ideas for when the time came.

“for a moment I thought that I would not make music again, you know? but I managed to get out of that uncomfortable situation at the end of 2020, I got a job, and I was able to save to buy a laptop and a mobile back then”

speaker boy

The young producer, after sending several demos and learning about music marketing all that free time, managed to make contact with Level Music, a music distributor and record label founded by Warner Music Group in 2018, which he defines as an opportunity in the industry.

“When I found out about them, I definitely didn’t think twice and started sending them fresh music, I see a great opportunity to grow with them in the future, and it’s not just that your music is managed and released by Warner Music, It doesn’t happen every day”

speaker boy midnight

Last February 17 Speaker Boy released his first single of the year “Midnight” together with the Dutch producer “Thom Ryan”, where they present a track from the Deep House sub-genre that is very futuristic, serious, and relaxing, but that will also undoubtedly make you dance. with its transitions and effects. Isaac also clarifies that new music will be coming in the coming months, energetic and authentic music.