Warm hearted kid from Las Vegas, Nevada ; Ready to take the world by storm with his charming vocals and way of persuasion lyrics. Bringin people’s attention to understand his mind when there is no one to listen.

6cvlxrz knew music was where he was supposed to be when he sang Destiny’s Child “ Dangerously in Love” in perfect pitch while only being 8yrs old. He joined his 5th grade choir however he left due to peer pressure.

At 13 is when he started taking music more seriously and wrote his own songs. He’d go around showing family and friends but they’d say the lyrics he was “Spitting” were too explicit for his age.

He waited a couple of more years to get a semi experience of life before finding his impact in the game; Studied the greats, Opportunities to take, and how to take risks when things were at stake. He came to the conclusion he will be, A legend when it’s all said and done. Bringing music its personality and authenticity back while staying true to his rockstar ways.

Listen to 6CVLXRZ:

Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/us/artist/6cvlxrz/1494842570