Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the young musician has teased the launch of his upcoming album that he has named ‘Per Diem”. This will be a progression to the 22 songs released by Cayno, that began in 2019 with the release of his debut album “The Scouting Report”. It was followed by the second album called “First Round Pick” which got released in the year 2021. Seeing that the musician began his work in 2019 and grew in the next two years amidst such unusual international conditions says a lot about him.


Cayno does not treat making music as some side hustle that he took up when he couldn’t get a hang of something else. He is a college graduate who was fond of playing baseball and football in his college days. It cannot be denied that Cayno has a multitude of abilities and talents as he sings, mixes, records, and produces all of his music by himself. The work is a true expression of himself and what he stands for.

As his talents and abilities, Cayno works with different music genres and his music has essence from many of these. They include RnB, hip hop, pop, and country among others. His style is unlike any other as it swerves between being hard and soft.

The thing Cayno is known widely for is his ability to make full songs without having to note down any lyrics. Many claims that it is just freestyling and that the artist does not work on his words before recording them. That is not the case according to him as he says that it’s all in his head and he keeps it in his mind. Cayno says, “My head is always full of lyrics and words that I would be using in my songs. I’m just waiting for them to take up a form so that I can put it all together and make good music out of it. Once I am able to give it a structure, all the work is cut out for me. The next step is just to decide which verses to use in which order, and then I’m all set to go and record.”

Cayno New Pop Album

“The Motive” is considered to be Cayno’s most popular song of 2021 and it got released in October 2021. In just a matter of a few months, the song was able to garner more than ten thousand streams across different music platforms.

Cayno considers the song “Right Now” to be his favorite one. Not because it was played numerous times, but due to the fact he was able to memorialize his dog who passed away in October last year, as he features soundclips of their relationship throughout the song.

Fans will have to get to see a lot more from him this year as well as he is all set to release his latest album.

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