12th February 2022 – Get ready to enjoy the electrifying beats of the famed rapper Oulaw Muddbaby’s upcoming song ‘Alright’ due to release on March 4th 2022. The rapper has gathered mammoth fame in entire world because of the catchy singing and raping style that is simply unique and boisterous.

Latest Single That Stole the Hearts

Outlaw’s latest single ‘Bottom’ released last month of January 2022 on 7th on all streaming platforms. The single packed with everything from energetic rapping to quality lyrics to brilliant composition impressed every listener. The brilliance of Outlaw Muddbaby is that his singing including his bouncy and lively rapping sends chill through the bodies. His songs are party items, and this is the reason they are played everywhere.

2021 Packed with Singles

The year 2021 was packed with numerous releases of singles, which grabbed the attention of the music industry and won the hearts of his fans including the music buffs. His single ‘Too Playa’ hit Spotify big editorial playlist, Hip Hop Mix which have 1.7 million followers.  It did marvelously well among the music listeners and bagged whopping respect in music fraternity. It collected more than 110k views and 77k streams in less than a month post the release making him a superstar of the music field.

With his two full-length releases – After the Dead and Muddbaby Muzik and more than 15 single releases, Outlaw is on way to gain abundance of attention and recognition for his uniquely and creatively done music compositions including his energetic rapping.

His creatively penned lyrics, dynamic melodies and magic-filled beats are always all set to make big mark among the music fans.

About Outlaw Muddbaby

A Mississippi native, he is all the time packed with tours. He has extensively toured all over Mississippi and is also gearing up for his tour of Houston, where is all set to ignite the music floors with his classy performances.

The singles like Muddy Water and Forbidden Love are on way to hit the music charts and playlists.

Alright Ready to Release

His upcoming single titled ‘Alright’ is ready to hit the music scene on March 4th, 2022. Like its predecessors, ‘Alright’ too is on way to entice the music lovers and obviously his fans. Stay tuned and fasten the belts to wait for the release.

Outlaw enjoys big fan following, and the good thing is that they are his loyal fans. He keeps sharing things about him and works on his social accounts.