Dre Bravo is not yet a household name, but he should be. The up-and-coming rapper is set to drop his new single “Clueless” featuring NLE Choppa. He is one of many often-unseen insurgents in Hip-Hop that leaves an unforgettable ring in your ear.

clueless dre bravo nle droppaWhile it can be so easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam, the esteemed rapper never forgets where he came from. The South Carolina native uses his home state’s influence to propel his experimental sound to new heights.

Lyrically, the musician speaks on his untouchable ambition. Dre proves time and time again that he’s true to himself. The South Carolina native gives versatility a new meaning as he bounces from blunt raps to melodic verses.

Moreover, the well-versed hip-hop lyricist delves into diverse topics making his music worth the listen. “Clueless” will stick to the rapper’s artistic roots through nostalgic hip-hop beats and gritty, aggressive bars. Musical figures like NLE Choppa assist in bringing his musical vision to life.dre bravo

“Clueless” will separate itself from Dre Bravo’s previous drops such as “Rolling” featuring a buzzing artist named Guapo and another recent single titled “Henchman” by delivering a smooth cadence and creative control. According to Dre, this is one of his best hits yet as he touches on remaining optimistic, blocking out the hate and banking on his wins.

Other South Carolina raps consist of the same rhythm, sound loops, etc. But, Dre Bravo enhances the beats with an array of dope transitions. Given these points, the rapper’s statement of putting his city on the map gets truer by the day.

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