Ikonic’s VP Chloe Cartel & President Eleven Ego Crusher are no strangers when it comes to the site. This team have consistent with the Ikonic Label’s vision & music. Chloe Cartel debut single “Bandz” is still heating up the streets. It streamed 1,000 Views the first day of its release. Which earned her a streaming plaque.

chloe cartel

Ikonic President Eleven gave Chloe Cartel her first Grammy Recommendation for her debut single “Bandz”. Chloe put the creation of the single as an entertaining music video. Eleven says “Chloe was always creative, she enjoys what she does, now we get to see it on camera. I appreciate her so much”. He recently signed long-time friend Harlem Native, Prettyband ash, and added to the staff Cream Puff & izza as Program Directors and Ashley Nyx as A&R and in-house producer.

Chloe and Eleven released Pretty Lyon second single 69 this week. These two male and female executives are focused to make the whole team IKONIC!!!