If you’re looking for an incredible new band to follow, then let us introduce you to this amazing pop group.

Underhill West is an extraordinary musical duo from Greece, and they’re ready to take the world by storm. Fresh off the release of their latest album, “Mission,” we had a chance to chat with them and get an inside look at their creative process.

As one of the most promising up-and-coming artists out there, Underhill West is bringing something original to the music scene, a vibrant sound grounded in classic pop music with a modern twist. These two musicians have already made waves across their homeland, and now they’re ready to take their music beyond borders and capture the hearts of listeners around the world.

Underhill West

What inspired you to make your new album? 

We come from a generation that witnessed the breaking point between physical socializing and digital socializing. We played football in the backyard and then enjoyed the beauty of video games and social media without abusing them. We deeply feel responsible for passing that torch of awareness about enjoying the beautiful things in life within our music, if possible. We made this album with so much passion for inspiring people to be passionate about something. Musically, our sound is inspired by the 90’s era of pop, rock, and hip hop but, as listened to from today’s point of view, saturated like our favorite childhood VHS tape.

How would you describe your sound? 

Groovy, saturated, yet pop. A collage of music genres that two 90’s boys would create in a process like playing with their toys. We love to inherit extreme experimentation from synths, samples, and ambiances into easy-listening two-minute radio-friendly songs.

Why did you choose to name your album “Mission”?

Our album tells a story about a character in a dystopian future society where one massive corporation wants to proselytize everyone in a digital world through a VR Mask and take over the world. Still, he goes against and starts a revolution accepting his destiny, his mission. We believe everyone has a mission, a compass, and a part of this world. Maybe this album is the beginning of our ‘Mission’ through our music, starting from a small town in northern Greece as an indie pop two-piece band.

mission underhill west

What are your biggest influences musically?

We were 90’s MTV kids, so Michael Jackson and the ‘Max Martin’ artists run in our blood. Beyond that, we are inspired by concepts from Daft Punk, Twenty One Pilots, and The Weeknd.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

A companion they can trust in their good and the hard times. Also, a spark that will enlighten the path to their true selves.

underhill west duo

What are your plans for the future?

We want to perform ‘Mission’, and our previous records live everywhere we are welcome and enlarge our community. Also, ‘Mission’ is just the first part of the storyline. The saga goes on in the following album(s). We can’t wait to start writing and recording the rest of the story!

Where can people find your album?

Our album is available on all major music platforms: SpotifyiTunesand Amazon. Also, we have a ‘Mission Deluxe Edition USB Stick’, which comes with an exclusive booklet including all the artwork, bonus tracks, video messages from us, and more, which you can order from our website here. Thank you for having us, and we’ll hope to see you all soon on our next tour.

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