Born and raised in Nishinomiya, Japan, Kyson Slizz has a creative mindset with lyrical flow and a rap style of flow which has caught Kyson Slizz’s eyes of creating creative and next-level music.


Kyson Slizz has dedicated these past few months to improving his music and taking it to the next level. Kyson Slizz has been on a nonstop grind in perfecting and improving his craft and reaching and gaining the buzz to his name.

Recently, Kyson Slizz has released a new single called “KANTAGUCHI!” which has 1K streams already in 1 day. This single means a lot for Kyson Slizz as this song is dedicated to his close friend Kan Taguchi making it onto the big stage in Major League Baseball (MLB).


The single “KANTAGUCHI!” is released on all platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, etc. Kyson Slizz’s upcoming singles and albums will be released on all streaming platforms and promoted on his Instagram, @kaisleath, feel free to share, like, and enjoy all his music through all these platforms! More to come…