OGECHIMUSIC, a Nigerian-born singer/ songwriter with roots in Durham, North Carolina, shares how she navigates being an indie artist living in LA, and what inspires her debut CHASING YOU.

chasing you

Even as a child living in Nigeria, Ogechi always loved art in all its forms but had a special love for music. After immigrating to Durham, North Carolina, she attended an art school where she focused on music and visual arts. After graduating she took the train to LA, and she plans to live in LA forever she says.


I asked her how her journey in music has been. She explains, “It’s really hard navigating being independent, especially when I first started. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I hired the wrong people to help me navigate this journey. Where I am now, I love it. I have complete confidence and trust in myself which I have to say I did not have when I started this journey”

Ogechi explains CHASING YOU is a song about the fun emotional turmoil having a crush is, from butterflies to sharing secrets about a crush with your best friend. Ogechi says having crushes was what made school fun and she wrote this song to remember those memories.

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