Are you a music lover and want to start a business related to music differently? Then, go for a record label or simply put a record company. A record label means a brand of various music recordings and videos, that is, it is a company that owns all these music recordings/albums. The music industry has changed a lot with the entire world shifting to online.

Occasionally, a record label can also be a publishing company that takes care of the production, distribution, making, and other management related to the music videos or playlists. Hence, maybe you can get an idea by now that it opens up space for the new upcoming artists to bloom.

UK is known to be the house of many record labels consisting of small to large ones. Record labels are still the main pillars of the music industry today. One such record label is the Ozkara Labels owned by Salman Ozkara.

Stay tuned till the end of this article to know more about record labels and also Ozkara Labels!

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The objective of Ozkara Labels

The major assistance that record labels provide is to promote artists and establish their reach worldwide. They mainly do so in different ways like:

  • Social Media Management: Labels help to promote singers and musicians through social media management. As we all know, it’s now possible to connect with the whole world through social media platforms and record labels leverage the advantage of that to promote artists. It’s sometimes difficult to manage social media presence for individual artists and that’s where labels can help you with their in-house social media managers.
  • Blogs: Record labels generally have connections to various popular music blogs which they utilize to promote artists all over the world. Blogs are studied by millions of people and hence that can widen the chances of achieving popularity for the upcoming artists.
  • Radios: Though radios have become much rare now, still it’s a great way to promote artists. And, record labels leverage this advantage to promote new artists. Also, record labels research finding the right people to reach out to related to a particular music genre.

There are plenty of different ways that labels offer to promote artists but these are some of the major ones to point out.

Ozkara Labels also has clients all over the world and this helps the producers and musicians to get recognized globally. It was established to allow potential singers, musicians, producers, artists to become successful. They love helping upcoming talents to ruin the music industry with their skills.

How do Record Labels work?

Just like any other business or company, record labels also have a hierarchical framework. The major departments of a record label include

The Artists and Repertoire (A&R)

As the name suggests, this department is responsible for finding out new talents and helping them to sign up the contract with the record company. They assist in almost everything like starting song selection, place of recording, and also funding for you.

Artist Development

It is the department that works towards shaping the career of the artists in the music industry. So, they do the major promotion that the upcoming artists require in the initial part of their career. Some record companies also name this department as ‘Product Development’ considering artists as their products.

Art Department

They are mainly responsible for the related artwork of a music album that involved CD cover art, advertisements to promote the music videos.

Marketing Department

The record companies release albums whether offline or online and that’s how they generate funds. The marketing department creates the marketing plan required for album releases. This helps to make the proper plan for sales, promotion needed to get the album reached out to more audiences

Legal Department

It takes care of all the legal things that are recorded in the contract between artists and record companies or others. Any violation of the agreements will be taken care by the legal department.

Promotion Department

This department helps to promote the record company indirectly by promoting the artists. Like, they make sure that the new songs or music played by an artist is on the radio. This department has a key role in marking the future success of the record companies.

Publicity and Sales departments

The publicity department works toward creating the public presence of the new artists. They pair up with newspaper editors to create articles related to the new artists. Doing so will indirectly benefit the record companies because more artists will get attracted towards that record label and hence they can get new albums.

The sales department is responsible for the retail aspect of the record label by bringing on new clients to the business for the creation of new record albums.

The structure and name of these departments can vary from one record label to the other. Some record labels can also have other departments too along with these. However, the above-mentioned ones are the major departments that help a record label to work.

Why sign up with Ozkara Labels?

As mentioned earlier, the major objective of Ozkara Labels is to create new leaders in different areas of the music industry. This record label has already gained worldwide popularity which can help the new artists to become recognized easily.

Within a few months, it has hit over 1 million views on YouTube ( and over 1 million streams on Spotify ( Not only that, but Ozkara Labels also have over 33 k monthly listeners on Spotify.

In addition, Ozkara Labels has reached the milestone of over 10K followers on one of the popular social media platforms, Instagram ( So, you can very well get that how Ozkara Labels is growing exponentially and also can help you to grow rapidly in the music industry to get yourself recognized as an artist.

Ozkara Labels has a target to grow as much as possible and become one of the emerging and best record labels in UK in the long run.

The Final Words

It is always better to sign up with a record label while emerging as an upcoming artist in the music industry. This can help you to overcome many struggles in your initial career than becoming an individual artist.

Ozkara Labels can help artists to gain publicity and shape up their careers perfectly. With its strong audience base worldwide, it can be one of the best record labels to sign up.

All the best, get your dream career with Ozkara Labels!

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