Yungblud is back with his self-titled third studio album, Yungblud, which arrived on Friday (Sept. 2) via LOCOMOTION/Geffen Records.

The rocker announced the album on Instagram back in May, writing, “Everything up to this moment has been a complete explosion of uncensored expression, where I just told the truth and sang about what I felt in that exact moment. the difference here is that i have thought and felt this record so deeply. i went to a part of myself that I didn’t know was there. i studied it, i bathed in the emotion, tried to solve the equation and come up with an answer (at least for now) from love to pain, adoration to abandonment, laughter to betrayal.”


The bottom line, he said, is that his message will remain the same as it has always been: to be his authentic self and encourage others to do the same. “There is simply no other option,” he wrote. “I hope it provides my beautiful family who have followed me throughout this journey answers about themselves but also questions and challenges, but most importantly I hope it fills them with love. you have provided me with an antidote for the emptiness and loneliness I’ve felt in the past. you have given me a voice. so here is my story. why did i call it YUNGBLUD? because nothing in my life has ever made more sense.”

The follow-up to 2020’s Weird! include singles “The Funeral,” “Memories” featuring Willow and “Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today.”

To celebrate the new release, the rocker also shares the official music video for “Tissues”.

Listen to Yungblud and watch “Tissues” below.