Starting Out in Belgium

AM40’s journey into the music world began in Belgium, thanks to a close friend already involved in beatmaking. This initial spark led him to a career filled with creativity and global collaborations.


Inspirational Figures

In his musical journey, AM40 draws inspiration from several artists. Young Smo, Vnknown, Emiliano, Saintkma, likengmusic, and Young King are among those who significantly influenced his work. Their impact is evident in the diverse sounds and styles AM40 creates.

A Global Collaborator

AM40 is not just a beatmaker; he’s a producer who’s worked with some of the finest in America and Italy. His contributions to numerous albums and singles worldwide showcase his ability to blend and enhance various musical elements.

Embracing Trap and Rap

At the core of AM40’s work are trap and rap. These genres allow him to express the rhythmic and poetic essence of urban life. His trap beats are more than just music; they are vivid sonic stories that resonate with the energy of the streets.

AM40 4

Beyond Boundaries

AM40’s creativity extends beyond trap and rap. He explores other genres like R&B, rock, and jazz, each offering a new canvas for his unique interpretations. This versatility reflects his desire to push musical boundaries.

The Emotional Core

What makes AM40’s beats unique is their emotional depth. Each note and tempo is crafted to evoke specific feelings. He aims to connect with listeners on an emotional level, whether the emotion is joy, sadness, anger, or tranquility.

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Crafting Sonic Narratives

AM40 blends genres and emotions to create transcendent musical experiences. His beats are more than accompaniments; they are stories that evoke images and stir feelings. This approach sets his work apart in the music industry.

The Creative Process

In his studio, AM40 spends hours experimenting with sounds, aiming to convey precise emotions. His dedication to exploring and expressing different moods is a testament to his artistic commitment.

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A Decade of Piano and Digital Mastery

AM40’s musical foundation is built on ten years of playing the piano. He has also mastered various digital instruments, adding depth to his production skills.

Impact on the Global Scene

AM40 has made significant contributions to the American music scene, working with both prominent and upcoming artists. His influence extends to the Italian, Belgian, and French rap scenes. Collaborating with the 808 Mafia team, he continues to expand his reach in the industry.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, AM40 has ambitious goals. He aims to become Italy’s top beatmaker and collaborate with artists worldwide. He’s particularly interested in reaching out to markets in Asia and South America, regions not typically targeted by European producers.

AM40’s journey from a Belgian newcomer to a globally recognized beatmaker and producer is a story of passion, innovation, and emotional connection. His work not only spans genres and borders but also touches hearts, making him a standout figure in the world of music production.

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