Harry Styles‘ concert outfit is definitely not the same as it was 24 hours ago. Right in the middle of his performance at the Forum Thursday night (Jan. 26), the 28-year-old pop star had his own Lenny Kravitz moment — meaning, his pants split open right down the crotch for everyone in the audience to see.

Harry Styles’ Pants Split Wide Open in the Crotch in Front of Jennifer Aniston During His Concert

On the upside, this is Harry Styles we’re talking about here, so he was somehow still able to look cool singing his Harry’s House track “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” even with his boxers hanging out of his ripped pants seam. But on the downside, this is Harry Styles we’re talking about here, which means that hundreds, maybe thousands of fans were filming him at the exact moment the wardrobe malfunction happened.

The incident was indeed captured on video from all angles and uploaded to social media shortly afterward. In the clips, he opens his arms and kneels into a deep lunge, at which point his leathery brown trousers burst open. Styles’ eyes widen in shock as he quickly puts a hand in front of his crotch to cover the wardrobe malfunction, before stamping his foot in lighthearted frustration.

Luckily, the Grammy winner was able to laugh it off as he pranced away. Later videos show that he proceeded to tie a Pride flag around his waist to hide his exposed undercarriage, so at least he proved that he’s resourceful.

Less luckily, Styles’ self-professed first celebrity crush (as revealed in a 2020 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show) Jennifer Aniston was spotted in the audience that night, meaning she likely saw the whole thing.

But, as Kravitz can attest, it could easily have been much worse. In 2015, the rocker famously split the crotch seam of his pants wide open during a live performance in a very similar mishap — except he wasn’t wearing underwear.

See videos from the moment Harry Styles split open his pants during his Thursday night concert at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., below: