TINI is more honest and vulnerable than ever with the release of her fourth studio album (and debut with Sony Music), Cupido.

TINI Breaks Down 5 Essential Tracks on New Album ‘Cupido’

“I think that at some point in my life, ‘Cupido’ as an album represents a moment in my life,” the Argentinian singer-songwriter and actress tells Billboard. “The closing of a great stage, of great moments that I lived, and it’s also a new beginning to my career.”

The 14-track set is packed with emotional and relatable lyrics penned by the artist alongside her team of songwriters and includes her signature urban pop rhythms fused with cumbia and electronic beats. It’s also home to a handful of previously-released tracks such as “Muñecas” (Dolls) with La Joaqui and Steve Aoki; “Mienteme” (Lie to me) with María Becerra; “La Loto” (The Lotto) with Anitta and Becky G; “Maldita Foto” (Damn Photo) with Manuel Turizo; and her viral hit “La Triple T,” to name a few.

Beyond its musical component, Cupido serves as a personal introspection and encompasses the most profound feelings that TINI has gone through in recent years.

“Musically and personally, I would describe ‘Cupido,’ and the growth I’ve had over these past two years, as freedom,” she elaborates. When it came to choosing the songs for the album and the lyrics too, TINI notes she had a lot of creative freedom and could express herself however she pleased.

Below, TINI shares the significance of five essential tracks on Cuipido:


“This song is the drop that spilled the cup. There’s a crash with my own self. It was very interesting to experience this at the time of writing my songs.”


“This song represents the importance that all my friends are to me, and it’s a way of motivating myself to love again.”

“Carne y Hueso”

“This is the only ballad on the album and a very special song. Although you may feel a lot of darkness and can’t find the way out, a new opportunity always appears, and that opportunity is to put yourself first again.”


“This song is very significant to the album. It’s about living in the present, something I was learning during these past years. Sometimes one generates a lot of expectations in love.”

“La Triple T”

“It’s about self-love and I wanted to close the album with a song that had my name. This song is for the people. They sing it as it if was their own. It’s very representative of my career and everything that’s been happening with the song is incredible.”