While many may know her from her time spent on numerous seasons of The Bachelor / Bachelor in Paradise, singer/songwriter Carly Waddell is more than just a typical ‘reality star’. Before she was trying to find love on television, Carly was a singer on cruise ships and off Broadway in New York City.

Carly Waddell

And while reality TV did bring her love, a massive following of fans, two kids and then a divorce, the single mother is now following her true passion again in Nashville as she releases more and more music with each passing month. And what’s more, she’s now even touring with the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter through the rest of 2023!

Carly Waddell

In an interview with us exclusively, Carly reveals that, “My favorite thing about music is how much it changes. Each decade really when you look back has its own every moving and changing vibe to it. One of my favorite things is mixing the old with the new. I like to think I’m a little bit old school and a little new age. I would say my music falls into the pop country category. I honestly love both genres. I love the stories that country music tells, but I also love the beat of a great pop song. I grew up on Reba and Dolly but I also grew up on Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston.”

And as for her new music, Carly tells us that she has four ‘women empowerment’ songs and that, “My goal was to release fun songs that women would want to karaoke to and drink a beer on a boat to. My Kind of Woman, Just Work, and Your Friends Like Me More all fit that bill! My fourth single Two Little Angels hits closer to home and is the only personal song I wrote for this EP. It is about my kids, and my divorce. It’s definitely one of those that will hit home for anyone who went through a similar circumstance.”

Carly Waddell

With her Nick Carter tour continuing forward, Carly hopes to keep writing more songs in her spare time to put on her debut album, while working towards more collaborations with artists such as Adam Doleac, whom she recently met at the People’s Country Choice Awards.

As for her current playlist, she’s blasting out right now:

  • Watermelon Moonshine – Laney Wilson
  • Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift
  • Till There’s Nothing Left – Cam
  • Another – Adam Doleac
  • Tennessee Orange – Megan Moroney

For more on Carly and to stream her music, head over to: https://www.carlywaddell.com